VIDEO: African-American Man Harassing Indian Girl In The US Will Make Your Blood Boil

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Updated on 4 Sep, 2017 at 4:21 pm

A day after Kansas shooting, Indian origin girl, Ekta Desai, got racially abused in New York.

An African-American man, who was traveling as a co-passenger with her on a commuter train, racially abused her and called her inappropriate names. He used abusing words and yelled, “get out of here”. Ekta Desai who lives in New York, took a video of the entire incident that happened on February 23.


A website, ‘The Voice Raiser’ shared her video and since then it has gone viral. In the video, the African-American man is seen abusing the girl and asking her to get out of the train.
The man got visibly angry when he noticed that the girl was making his video. He kept on repeating “Freedom of speech” and “Black Power”.

Ekta Desai wrote a post on Facebook along with the video which she has deleted now. In the post, she wrote,

This man was on the same PATH train as me along with 100 other passengers, I had my headphones on and it was like any other day. Next thing I know he is yelling on my face (Did not bother to listen/react).

Desai also mentioned that she has reported the matter to the police, who allegedly said that she should be careful as the man appears to be “emotionally unstable”.


Though people showed sympathy to Ekta Desai as the video went viral but there was hardly anyone who spoke for her when she was being racially abused. Take a look at the video here:


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