Latest ‘Ghar Se Nikalte Hi…’ Meme Trend Is Making People ROFL. It’s Your Laughter Dose For The Day Too!

1:12 pm 15 May, 2018


The best part about social media is that a meme trend can pop up anytime and anywhere. Over past few years, there are different trends that left us ROLFing, almost literally. From where they come and where they fade away, no one knows! All you can do is let them take over your boring self to introduce some mindless fun in your life!

Do you remember the ‘If You Don’t Love Me at My Worst’ trend? That certainly squeezed out a good amount of laughter from you! Want us to refresh your memory? Here you go:






Another wave of laughter engulfed the netizens when “Tide Pod” memes started emerging. Remember, the ‘geniuses’ who wanted to eat the laundry detergent? Enjoy the memes:





Well, enough of ‘firangi’ trends, now let’s talk about the ‘desi’ one that is taking over the internet. Named ‘Ghar se nikalte hi…’ is catching up fast with the online users and the Indian memes are amazingly relatable. Want to take a peek at the bountiful harvest? Here you go:









Any funny meme you want to add? We are all ears…er…eyes!

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