10 Reasons Why The Indian Education System Needs Change

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10:00 am 14 Nov, 2015


For decades, the Indian education system has been the way it is now and for most of the 21st century generation, the norms and patterns of this system are drifting away from being acceptable. With time, change is necessary and the reasons why we want such an alteration in the Indian education system are given below.


1. Impracticality

A major part of the material that is taught today in the schools and colleges is theoretical and lacks a practical approach which is a serious hindrance in the way of overall development of the individual.



2. Reservation

The issue of reservation has always been a sensitive one in India and is somewhat against the concept of equality in acquiring education. This again needs to be altered keeping in mind the changing trend of the quality of population.


3. Corrupt admissions

It is very disheartening that a little bribe can make you a master of any profession in India with a fake degree in hand. A few bucks are all you need to get admission in a professional college and they call it ‘donation’ if not the corrupt version of the word.


4. Age old syllabi

Renewal of syllabus being taught in schools and colleges has become a must from time to time so as to keep pace with the innovations and discoveries taking place every second in some part of the world.


5. Lack of subject choice

Limited trades in engineering, limited specialization in the field of medical science and very limited subjects available for arts and commerce is another drawback of our education system. For a number of interesting and varied courses, one needs to look out of the country.


6. Marks and grades

The grading system and the way marks matter too much in determining a person’s intellect and ability to succeed in life is very shocking. You are not eligible to survive in the country if you don’t get a 1st division in your degrees.


7. No overall development

Very little to no attention at all is paid to the overall development of the individual. The entire educational scenario comes down to mugging things up and vomiting them in the examination hall without actually growing in terms of persona and intellect.


8. Limited scope of study

The study material being taught in educational institutions is just a very small part of the actual amount of matter contained under a topic. This is again a flaw of the syllabi prescribed in these institutions.


9. Money constraint

Poverty has always been a huge hindrance in the way of quality education in India and a lot of students, despite a number of scholarships available, cannot fulfill the monetary requirements of some of the best educational institutions in the country.


10. Excessive pressure

The emotional family pressure is what is dangerous today when we talk about student suicides and runaways. This is something that needs change on the part of the family and also the teachers to some extent so that the child grows in a free and pressure-less environment.



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