15 Countries Where You Can Drive With An Indian Driving License

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10:00 am 3 Oct, 2015

The best way to explore a country is to walk through its plains and mountains, streets and riversides, and all things rare and beautiful. But walking is hardly an option for the most. So, you can choose to drive instead. You can avoid long queues at the airports, sloppy air hostesses and have all the freedom in the world even when you are away from home.

Imagine picking up your car in the middle of the night or at dawn and just driving like a free bird. And when you get to explore a foreign country by driving on its roads, the excitement is phenomenal.

Car rentals are very common in any country, all you need is a driving license.

We have for you today a list of 15 countries where you will be allowed to drive if you have an Indian driving license.

So pack your bags and get ready to go for an adventure of your lifetime.

1. Germany

Germany allows Indian nationals to drive up to six months. Just carry a translation of the license when you begin to explore the country.

There are long stretches of roads you can drive on. And, there are no speed limits on many roads. Yes, you heard us right!

2. United Kingdom

The English countryside is world famous. The Brits have managed to retain its old world charm and keep the appearance of many things just as they were hundred years ago. And they also allow you to drive for a full year on an Indian driving license.

And if you are looking for a no speed limit region, head straight to the Isle of Man.

3. United States of America

When in America, travel like the Americans!

Your Indian license will allows you to explore this magnificent country for a year. And if you ask us, mark the Route 66 – it is not to be missed.

4. France

The tales of French beauty have traveled far and wide.

Hit the road and get a chance to explore this culturally rich country. And while you are there, mark the area of Corsica on your map.

You will be allowed to drive here for up to a year.

5. Australia

Explore the Down Under by car.

Even though you are allowed to drive for a year on your Indian license, we bet it will not be enough to explore this amazing country. For those of you, who love adventure, be sure to visit the Lasseter Highway in the Northern Territory.

6. Switzerland

Every Indian has been in awe of this nation’s natural beauty. Many a Bollywood movies have been shot here.

When you get a chance to explore this country by car, grab the opportunity with both hands.

A year of driving in the Swiss Alps will give you enough memories for a lifetime.

7. New Zealand

New Zealand might be a small country but it has some of the finest roads to drive on.

Just stick to the kind of vehicle you mention in your license. A year of exploring this beautiful country will leave your inner urges to drive and explore for a long time to come.

8. Mauritius

This small and enchanting island attracts a large number of visitors every year.

Explore it by road and you will see a totally different side to it. Drive around for a year, only in the vehicle you mention in your license.

9. Malaysia

You might have restricted yourself to the sand and the sun in your previous visits to this popular island nation.

Try exploring it by road this time. Remember to carry a translation of your license form from the Embassy in Malaysia.

10. Hong Kong

The roads they say in Hong Kong are the finest in the world.

Pack your bag and go explore this buzzing area by road. Drive around for twelve months and have the time of your life.

11. Singapore

Singapore will seem like a magical country when you hit its roads. Just remember to drive on the left.

Do not miss the Sentoza and Marina Bay.

12. Ireland

Ireland is like a small slice of heaven tucked away from prying eyes.

Beautiful countryside and pristine water bodies here will enthrall you with their beauty. Ireland offers you – a year well spent in driving around and exploration.

13. Sweden

Sweden is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe.

If your license is not in English, ensure that you carry a certificate of translation with you.

The countryside and roads here will let you disconnect from your normal stressful life that you left behind.

14. Denmark

Unlike other European countries, you need to drive on the right in this country.

This is the land of chocolates, massive farms and beautiful views. Make the most of the year that you are allowed on an Indian license.

15. South Africa

Africa is very unique in its flora and fauna. You will be pleasantly surprised when you travel down the famous Garden Route.

Ensure that your driving license is in English. Get ready for a unique and unforgettable driving experience of a lifetime.


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