Give Your Favourite Desi Dish A Videsi Makeover With These Simple Recipes!

4:54 pm 22 Aug, 2018


Just like me, who will mind a piping hot pakoda with a steaming cup of chai to beat the monsoons (great idea)? Such Indian dish food combos will only make your tired days feel better (at least for me it does). I remember wanting to indulge in snacks like crispy samosas or fruit platters to relinquish my hunger on most days. But I never thought of giving it a twist and enjoying the flavors even more! Now just imagine having your coffee with crispy masala dosa, Aloo Tikki with wasabi peas, or Pakoras with cheese!

So, if you’re interested in experimenting, here’s a meltdown of your favorite Indian dish with just a bit of twist!


1. Arbi (Taro Root): Mangalorean style!

Marinate fresh Arbi vegetable leaves with freshly ground masala!



Let leaves get steamed for 20 minutes and then pan-fry them. This Mangalorean flavored Arbi is excellent for the digestive system.



2. Cheddar Cheese: Pakoda style!

Switch from potato to cheddar cheese next time you’re making bread pakoda!



With that stuffing of cheddar cheese, you can expect a softer and crispier bread pakoda. Trust me, you won’t like to finish it so fast!



3. Sambhar: Cappuccino style!

Yahoo! Now mix your cappuccino with your favorite Dosa!



Surprised? Don’t be! Just add cappuccino to that spicy sambhar like a soup. It’s the perfect blend of north meets south, isn’t it?



4. Lychee: Tikka style!

Who doesn’t want sweet Lychee with a tandoori tarka?



Now stuff your fruits with nuts or khoya. Try with Lychee and give saffron marination. Finish it in a tandoor before passing out with overindulgence!



5. Spinach: Chaat style!

This chatpata chaat needs mayo, pomegranate seeds, jaggery sauce.



Mix Palak Patta (Spinach) with all the above ingredients to make an interesting appetizer! Add tandoori broccoli and happy snacking!



6. Wasabi Peas: Aloo Tikki style!

Indian Aloo Tikki mixed with Wasabi peas, served with a wasabi dip!



Make crispy Aloo Tikki with wasabi peas, and add wasabi dip for that extra flavor in your palate. Trust me, only try it if you can handle hot wasabi peas!



7. Broccoli: Tandoori momos style!

Enjoy steamed momos with broccoli and flavourful sauces!



Marinade chicken or veggies with a traditional tandoor setup to uplift one’s mood (get daring, sometimes!)



8. Crispy Samosa: Japanese style!

Crunchy bite and spicy chholey do complement each other!



The outer puff is crispy and with light filling. Add pickle for extra flavor! This layered samosa is filled with potatoes and served with chholey.




9. Shukto: Zucchini style!

Shukto‘s tenderness gets mixed with Zucchini’s softness!



Bengalis love Shukto. The delicious mix of veggies with bitter gourd and milk is yum! Now add zucchini. This combo won’t disappoint you!



10. Rasmalai: Chocolate Terrine style

All you need is whipped cream, gelatine, rasmalai to make this terrine



Take gelatine, add sugar and cream till gets saucy. Melt chocolate and add mixture. With a terrine mold, grease it, and put a layer rasmalai. Refrigerate for 3 hours.



11. Besan Ladoo: Tart cheesecake style

“I was in for a treat in just 20 minutes!”



Keep tart shells overnight. Mix cheesecake mixture and mithai cream. Add to the besan laddoos and enjoy! I would give this one a 9 out of 10.



12. Gujarati Khandvi: European style!

No doubt, sweet Khandavi goes well with cheesy pasta



Trust me, sweet Khandavi does compliment goat’s cheese in pasta style. Just don’t add garlic or ginger. Best served as a starter or party snack.



13. Bacon: Pyaaz Ki Kachori style!

Can you resist a deep-fried Kachori stuffed with smoked bacon?



Enhance your favorite Rajasthani dish (Kachori) by adding a dash of smoked bacon with onions, minus the potatoes. Don’t have just one!



14. Biryani: Risotto style!

Cook your favorite Sunday dish with Italian risotto for great flavors!



Noone messes with the Indian dish biryani but an Italian risotto can! This medley of creamy risotto and spicy biryani will only lead to a burst of flavors.



15. Butter Chicken: San Marzano Tomatoes style!

Spicy butter chicken and sweet Italian tomatoes?! Woah!



No Indian dish is complete without a mention of butter chicken. But now add the pulpy Italian San Marzano tomatoes in it, and see what happens – a creamy dish with outstanding flavors!




Which Indian dish will you give makeover today? Or have you tried any global twist to our desi khanna? Tell us in the comments.