This Cancelled Indian Daily Soap Is Being Re-Run In Africa And Viewers There Are Crazy About It

11:48 am 12 Apr, 2018


We might believe that our television soaps are too desi for us, but the rest of the world begs to differ, as there are many Indian daily soaps which are immensely popular in countries like Indonesia, Vietnam, Turkey and many African countries. According to the television industry, the foreign channels in countries having similar cultures and social settings have welcomed the Indian content, making them buy Indian shows and dubbing them to broadcast there.




Therefore, it is popularly known that Indian television shows have a huge viewership in continents like South America and Africa. One such Indian daily soap is Beintehaa.

Indian Television show Beintehaa was launched on Colors TV in 2013. But within a year of its release, it was taken off air in 2014 due to lack of TRPs. The show starring Preetika Rao as Aaliyah and Harshad Arora as Zain was a passionate love story between the two leads.



Although it was taken off air from Indian TV, Beintehaa has a huge fan base in African countries. The show has previously impressed the audiences in Middle Eastern countries and it is now being broadcasted in Tanzania, Africa in ‘Swahili’ language and has become a major hit amongst the audience.

Recently, Beintehaan’s lead actress Preetika Rao was invited to the biggest award function in Tanzania, ‘Sinema Zetu’ by one of the African TV channels. She was invited as the Chief Guest and was honoured on the stage in front of the fourth President of Tanzania.



Interestingly, it is revealed by the actress that the show’s craze is so much in the country that many people in the country have named their daughters ‘Aaliyah’. As soon as she arrived at the Tanzanian airport, she was approached by many fans of the show and was given a warm welcome.


Preetika said:

“Firstly, I was very surprised that I was invited to Tanzania. I was called by a TV channel which hosts the show Beintehaa dubbed in Swahili. They told me about immense popularity of the show there and I was very excited to hear that.”



She walked the red carpet at the award function looking all graceful and was a huge hit at the show. During the trip, she also enjoyed the scenic beauty of the South African country.


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