BCCI Increases The Salary Of Indian Cricket Umpires And The Hike Will Put Pakistani Umpires To Shame

6:06 pm 4 Jun, 2018


Cricket is one of the most popular sports throughout the world. Cricket is played with team-spirit and it’s not just the efforts of the 11 players on the field, but of the coaches, crew members and umpires as well. The job of an umpire is highly critical. The umpire has to be predominately impartial while deciding the legalities of the cricket match. There are many famous umpires in Indian cricket including Sundaram Ravi, Anil Chaudhary and Kumar Dharmasena. Since these cricket umpires make sure that the sport is fairly played and the rules are followed by all the players, they should receive the best treatment, right?! According to recent reports, the earnings of the cricket umpires in India have been revised by the BCCI’s Committee of Administrators.



As a result, the top 20 cricket umpires who are in charge of senior men’s tournaments will earn more salary for a single day’s work than the domestic cricketers.


Under the guidance of the BCCI’s Operations Manager Saba Karim, the recommendations have been made to increase the salary with a 100 per cent hike; from INR 20,000 to INR 40,000 for all matches.



According to sources, a domestic player receives approx. INR 35,000 per day. While the domestic players also receive a percentage of the gross revenue from BCCI earnings during the season, the officials are not entitled to any such benefits.



However, the salary of the umpires of T20s is raised only to INR 20,000. The match fees of the umpires who officiate in junior cricket and women cricket is hiked to INR 30,000 per day, according to a report.

Apparently, comparing the salary of Indian umpires with Pakistan’s umpires, the situation in Pakistan is extremely worse.



According to sources, the umpires in Pakistan get approximately Rs. 6000 per day. Interestingly, PCB has also revised its pay structure after the changes by BCCI and you will be surprised to know the recommendations by PCB.


Shockingly, Pakistan Cricket Board has decided only to increase the pay of the playing 11 and not of the umpires.

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