The Indian Cricket Team Honour Their Mothers In A Unique Way During Their Last ODI Against NZ

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3:25 pm 29 Oct, 2016

On October 29, the Indian Cricket team created history even before their final ODI match against New Zealand started.

Ahead of the match, members of the Indian cricket team were seen sporting a different style of Indian jersey, which had their mother’s name written on the back.


The team, which is playing their final ODI match in Visakhapatnam, took the opportunity to honor their mother by breaking the customary practice of wearing their last names on the back of the shirt.


The practice is a trend across the world and almost in all formats of the sport.

By doing this, the team thus is experimenting with a very different type of stereotype and indirectly promoting a cause with the help of their jersey.

In past South African cricket team has worn pink jerseys to promote Breast Cancer awareness and the Spanish football club has used their clothing as a promotional tool for their social media presence.

As for India, they are wearing the names of their mothers so as to pay as a tribute to an important member of the family who doesn’t get as much attention as the father does.


It must also be noted that mostly the last names that one keeps are derived from the fathers’ names and not the mother.

Speaking about the same during the toss, Indian Captian MS Dhoni said.

“We are quite used to having the surnames from the Dad’s side, and what’s important is to appreciate the stuff that Mothers have done for us. It’s a very emotional connect and it’s good that it is put on a public platform. I would like to request the whole of India keeps this in mind every day and appreciate them everyday.”


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