These Are The 10 Most Awesome Indian Cricket Fans You Get To See At Any Ground

9:00 pm 20 Jan, 2015


1. The painted ones – who wear the tri-colour on their faces.



2. Those who get a Duracell charge as soon as they see themselves on the giant-screen.

Fans shouting



3. A few of them wave posters of their favourite cricket stars, or write their heart out.

Poster and fans


4. The VIPs who enjoy the game in their sophisticated style.

VIP watching cricket


5. And the VIP who acts like a common man.

Cricket fan VIP


6. A daring few end up kissing the players’…err…cheek.

Cricket Streakers


7. Some come to the cricket ground for a party with friends.

Party with friends


8. While others indulge a little too much and light a bonfire – the Agitators.

Agitating spectators


9. You’ll also get to see the fans who leave midway for obvious emotional reasons.

Midway leave


10. But if you are lucky, you can shake hands with Sudhir Kumar Chaudhary.


Sudhir kumar chaudhary

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