Want To Earn The Highest Salary In 2019? Rush Out To This Indian City!

1:36 pm 23 Nov, 2018


Since not everyone can make it big when it comes to running a business successfully, a majority of people have to rely on high-paying jobs. Have you ever wondered which states pay the highest for the discerning job seekers in the country? A LinkedIn study has revealed that Bengaluru is the state which pays the highest salaries in the country as compensation followed by Mumbai, Delhi (NCR), Hyderabad and Chennai.

Bengaluru pays Rs 12 lakh per annum! Mumbai pays an average salary of Rs 9 lakh and is followed by Delhi (Rs 8.99 lakh), Hyderabad (Rs 8.45 lakh) and Chennai (Rs 6.3 lakh).


The study says that the hardware and networking professionals get paid more than the ones in the technology industry. According to a report in a newspaper, the hardware jobs comprises of chip designing.




Synopsis India’s head of Research and Development Shivananda Koteshwar said that the reason this department was paying so much was the moving of chip designing and implementation to India as well as its expansion. Talking to the paper he said:

“Just two years ago, their salaries were 3-times their years of experience, today it is 4.5 to 5 times the experience.”

As for networking, Cisco’s CIO VC Gopalratnam said:

“As massive amounts of data continue to be distributed ever more widely, customers are facing challenges around complexity and security. To address this, there is a lot of innovation happening in the networking space and it is increasingly becoming more sophisticated. And as the sophistication of networks increases, the demand for networking roles and skills are increasing.”

New technologies and inventions are continually creating space for newer talent and higher salaries. The LinkedIn study says that the posts with the highest salaries are president, vice-president, directors, COOs and managerial posts.




So you know now that which industry is gonna pay you a big amount. Start preparing and let us know of your views on the same.

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