10 Indian Cities You Can Explore For Their Awesome Food

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10:00 am 20 Sep, 2015

Okay, let’s take it for granted that you love to eat and no one can beat you when it comes to trying new foods at one go. You have been to places or have heard from your peers about diversified eating joints and restaurants existing in different corners of the world. However, apart from providing best hospitality and tourism destinations, our country also has exclusive cuisines to try out.

You might have already been to these cities but if you haven’t tasted the local cuisines in these places then you have truly missed something. Here are 10 Indian cities you must definitely explore at least once in your life for the purpose of feeding your appetite and also having the best food of your life:

1. Kolkata, the city of joy

When it comes to eating or trying out delicious food, Kolkata will definitely be the first preference of any food lover. From mouth watering rosogullas to overly delicious local cuisines, the city has everything up its sleeves to serve you that you will remember for the rest of your life.



2. Hyderabad

How often have you heard about Hyderabadi biryani and more often than that how many times have you tried it in your life? Hyderabad has some of the famous tourist spots to explore in India and also some of the never-to-be-missed food items which are waiting to be served.


Hyderabad food

3. Lucknow

It has all the kebabs and biryanis you can think of or you would have ever heard about which makes it one of the premium food destinations in India.



4. Gujarat

Thepla, dhokla, khandvi and many more local cuisines that are world famous because every bite of it you eat, you fall in love with it even more.


Gujarat food

5. Delhi

Tandoori chicken- check, chole bhature- check, chaat- check. If you love any of these food items you have reached the right destination.


Delhi food

6. Mumbai

If you ever visit Mumbai or have been to Mumbai, you will know the importance of vada pav more than anything else in the city of dreams.


Mumbai food

7. Tamil Nadu

Idli, sambhar, rasam – this is the best place in the world to explore the most exquisite South Indian dishes that will leave you craving for more.


Tamil Nadu

8. Rajasthan

The pink city Jaipur does not only boast of world-famous palaces and forts but also offers premium quality cuisines that you will find only in this city.



9. Jammu & Kashmir

Dum aloo is one of the signature dishes of Jammu & Kashmir which you ought to try even if you visit just for a day.


Jammu and Kashmir

10. Bihar

Are you fond of litti chokha or sattu paratha? These are only a few of the several mouth-watering dishes this city has got to offer.




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