A Miraculous Surgery, A UK Woman Saved An Indian Boy Whose Head Hung At 180-Degree Angle

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4:51 pm 27 May, 2016


Mahendra Ahirwar from a village in Madhya Pradesh, whose head hung upside down, got a new lease of life due to the life changing surgery.

The 13-year-old suffered from a rare condition called congenital myopathy due to which his neck and head would hang at a 180-degree angle.

Because of his condition, he had to rely on his mother for every chore. He couldn’t go to school or play with his friends. Though his parents took him to many doctors, nobody could help.

After reading about his plight, a mother-of-two from Liverpool, Julie Jones, decided to help him. She set up a crowd-funding page and raised Rs 9 lakh for treatment.

“It was tragic. While everyone was looking to help, no one was actually doing anything. So there and then, I got out my laptop, found a crowd-funding website and created an account,” she said.

In a first of its kind surgery, Spinal surgeon Dr Rajagopalan Krishnan from Delhi, operated on Mahendra’s spine and neck to make it straight.

Dr Krishnan said, “When I met Mahendra for the first time what surprised me the most was the neglect of his condition for 12 years without a diagnosis let alone treatment. The main problem that faced Mahendra was the anesthesia.”

Mahendra said earlier he had no hope of getting better in life but now his dreams have risen up. He wants to be successful in life.


Dr Krishna added that there may be a need for further surgery in future but that will be determined by his neck stability once the neck has successful fusion.



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