10 Indian Attention Whores That We Can’t Help But Hate

10:00 am 15 May, 2013

A person is called an attention whore when he loves to flaunt his “wannabe” traits every time he gets a chance. Being an attention whore is not a compliment, it is the state of being obnoxious and self obsessed about talents and traits that you don’t posses but only pretend to possess. Thankfully the world has eyes that can easily distinguish between self-proclamation and real talent. Therefore, anyone who is self-centered and would cross any limits to satisfy his/her need for social recognition is quickly recognized as an attention whore. There is no dearth of such people in India but we bring you the top 10 attention whores of the country.

10. Anu Malik

The veteran music director, who has produced numerous melodies over a long span of time in Bollywood, Anu Malik is obviously an attention whore (do we need to explain why?). Known for his unusual and cocky antics on various reality shows on TV for the last few years, he is a complete unison of stupidity and disgust with equal proportion of obnoxiousness filled to the brim.

Anu Malik


9. Mayawati

Behenji” as she is famously referred to, Mayawati is a person who thinks of herself as the greatest gift of the Almighty to the human race. She is nauseating in her approach and ill-suited for governance. She can be best defined with the word ‘hell’. Her wishes are as obnoxious as they can get. Her desire for power has overpowered her entire self.



8. Sania Mirza

The proud daughter-in-law of Pakistan, Sania Mirza is an unusual attention whore, who has been able to get across to the crowds in spite of her weird ways of doing so. Her nasalized accent gives serious competition to Himesh Reshammiya’s voice. Her performances on the tennis court, too, have fairly contributed to elevate her status to the level that she finds a mention in this list. She should be thankful because everyone knows she’d never ever find her name in any list of top 10 tennis greats of any period.

Sania Mirza


7. Himesh Reshammiya

Someone who has surpassed all the existing levels of being a jerk has to be Himesh Reshammiya. The short, dark, not-so-handsome dude thinks himself no less than any of the gifted and talented artists. His cap (he has stopped wearing one, though) and nose have been his brand ambassadors. While Himesh thinks he’s entertaining us all, someone must tell him that even his on-screen romance seems to have come from the sets of a scary movie.

Himesh Reshammiya


6. Lalu Prasad Yadav

One upping Mayawati is Lalu Prasad Yadav. He is a politician who considers himself next to God and simultaneously thinks that he’s the greatest gift to mankind. The evergreen comedian of Indian politics is someone who has surpassed all levels of insanity and fears not his own loathsome behavior, and is nothing more than a laughing stock for people the world over.

Lalu Prasad Yadav


5. Rakhi Sawant

A perfect unison of social ineptitude, vulgar display of emotions and overly outward presentation, Rakhi Sawant is nothing less than a great Indian attention whore. Her inflated sense of self-worth has brought her to the limelight of the TV world, where she even went ahead romancing contestants in a hunt for the love of her life.

Rakhi Sawant


4. Tusshar Kapoor

One of the most irritating among the breed of star sons in Bollywood, Tusshar Kapoor is an example of those who are best ignored. The attention whore may have lived well with his father’s name but when on his own, he is on a bumpy ride trying to impress people, attempting to act, appearing smart and getting some attention from his fans.

Tusshar Kapoor


3. Siddharth Mallya

You can never dream of naming your son “Siddharth” in case you have seen the ‘attention whoreish attitude’ of this useless son of the billionaire liquor baron, Vijay Mallya. He comes across as an egotistical and bothersome phony, who can easily be perceived as a wannabe dreaming to be a crowd puller. Often pictured doing the stupidest of things, Siddhartha is the classic example of a rich brat without brains.

Siddharth Mallya


2. Arnab Goswami

Journalists stand in a long queue for the title of an attention whore but at the top of the list, we have someone in the avatar of a hot-headed scribe named Arnab Goswami. He knows nothing more than irritating viewers with his unexplained style of journalism. Goswami may appear to be a journalist with a mission but his predictable style and judge-like attitude definitely make him one of the top three in the list.

Arnab Goswami


1. S Sreesanth

Sreesanth fancies himself to be an aggressor who wants to intimidate every batsman facing his deliveries (unsuccessfully each time). He is a wannabe who tries to portray himself as the most coveted cricket personality whether it is his game or his personality, but unfortunately he never succeeds. Now that he’s joined politics, the seamier from Kerala beats everyone by a huge margin to be the number one on this list.

S. Sreesanth


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