The Indian Army Will Soon Get Robots To Transport Arms And Ammunition

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8:30 pm 12 Aug, 2017


The Indian Army will soon get robots for the transportation of arms and ammunition in insurgent ingested areas. The MoD has approved the indigenous manufacture of 544 robots which will be able to ferry arms, weapons, and ammunition into the battlefield or into an operation. Currently, mules and soldiers are used to transport arms and ammunition into an operational area.

A screenshot of the robot YouTube


The insurgency in Jammu and Kashmir is increasing and is now quickly growing in the urban areas as well. To tackle such events and to ensure that soldiers are not hurt while transporting weapons, the army has turned to the use of robots and other hi-tech measures.

These light and sleek robots will have surveillance cameras and transmission systems. These robots will be able to work within 200 meters of their main area and deliver weapons even to the most critical areas. It is believed that the Rashtriya Rifles, which is deployed in J&K to counter terrorism and insurgency, will benefit the most from this technology.


Senior officials revealed that the RR can use the surveillance cameras mounted on top of the robots to receive real time input images and for keeping a check on enemy movement. These robots will also reduce the number of casualties while patrolling and while in operation.

An Indian Army soldier carries a Carl Gustaf 21st Century Asian Arms Race


Earlier this year, a committee recommended that the Army Educational Corps should be disbanded in the next few years and the serving personnel of this corps must be trained in drone operation, intelligence and robot operation.

Take a look at the prototype of the robot here:



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