Indian Army Officer’s Beautiful Proposal To His Girlfriend Is The Best Thing You Will See Today

11:30 am 16 Sep, 2018


“Will you marry me?” While countless girls are waiting for their soulmates to pop this question, guys are sweating out over the perfect way to ask it. Certain sweet and romantic proposals always fill our hearts with joy. Well, you may have witnessed some of the best proposals in life, but this Indian Army Officer’s proposal for his girlfriend is sure to fill your day with romantic feeling.

In a surprisingly adorable incident, an Indian Army officer named Thakur Chandresh Singh proposed to the love of his life, Dhara Mehta during the extravagant graduation ceremony at the Officer Training Academy (OTA) in Chennai.



Well, the Army Cadet invited his family and girlfriend on the occasion when he became an army officer. He participated in the oath-taking ceremony during the graduation, after which the parade took place. Soon after the parade ended, the army officer got down on his knees in front of his girlfriend and proposed her for marriage.



Not surprisingly, she said yes to the Indian Army Officer’s proposal! Evidently, the fairy tale proposal of the army officer is getting viral all over the social media. During an interview, Army officer Pratap Singh said:

“I planned this moment the day I got recommended for the Army. We’ve been together for three-and-a-half years now, and I remember showing my parents a picture of her three years ago and saying ‘She is the one I’ve chosen’. But first, I had to make something of myself. I had to fulfill my dream.”



Their love story started as friends in 2012 when they were studying in the St Joseph College of Arts and Science in Bangalore. While they were enrolled in different streams, they had one common subject that was Hindi which brought them together. They were already in love before they graduated from college.



Have a look at how social media reacted to this interesting proposal:




Indeed it exists!






Soulful blessings!



While this Indian army officer’s proposal has touched our soul from the very core, they have witnessed a lot of ups and downs during their relationship. Now, they are all set to embark on their new journey in life. However, evidently, this is not the first time when an Indian officer’s love story has made us emotional!

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