This Is How Brave Indian Soldiers Are Retaliating After Pakistanis Killed People In Cross-Border Firing. Watch Video

4:51 pm 24 May, 2018


The Sikh Regiment of Indian Army is well known for its bravery. The regiment that had always refused to give up in the face of adversity and certainty of imminent death, is well known for its ethos and traditions.

Recently, a video showing Sikh soldiers surfaced on social media in which they could be seen having a conversation between themselves. They narrate incidents of how the Pakistanis are firing and killing innocent children and elderly people in areas close to Indo-Pak border.




In this video, one soldiers could be seen heard saying:

“See brothers, these people said that they will cross the border and do unholy things here. We have to *%^&$ them. “

The soldier further adds:

“Now they won’t gather courage to cross the border again. For the whole night we have fired two trucks full of ammunition. They are firing at children and old people and killing them.”

The video finally ends with the Sikh slogan ‘Jo Bole So Nihal, Sat Sri Akal.’ Though a tale of bravery, it also shows the hardship that the jawans go through each day.


Watch the Video here:



Expectedly, Twitterati showered praises when this video was posted by a user. Here are the comments: