11 Reasons Why Indian Americans Rule Spelling Bee

8:00 pm 23 Jun, 2015

For the eighth successive time we had Indian-American kids winning the elite Scripps National Spelling Bee Championship. This time we had not one but two of them as winners! Indian-American kids have long been strengthening their dominance on the national spelling championship. Call it the genes or brains, the winners of 2015 Scripps National Spelling Bee – Kavya Shivashankar and Gokul Venkatachalam – have fuelled the speeding Indian educational juggernaut.

So if you are wondering what makes Indian kids so good at spelling ‘stichomythia’ , here are 11 reasons:

1. Indians are extremely competitive and lay emphasis on learning and education.

This is one of the biggest reasons why we see a lot of well-educated Indian immigrants and Indian-Americans as top professionals in the US.


2. Not Baseball or Tennis, Indian parents focus more on education at home.

As stated earlier, Indian-origin parents, being highly educated, try to inculcate the habit of reading and learning among their children.


3. Community initiatives like South Asian Spelling Bee and the North-South Foundation.

These initiatives train the kids before they are ready to roll for the big competition.


4. Academic excellence seen as a sign of superiority in the eyes of Indians.

Being good in academics is a matter of pride and that is why Indian American kids are trained specifically to perform exceptionally well in academics.


5. Economic power of Indian immigrants and socio-cultural factors.

An affluent community and where one parent usually stays at home. This is where the emphasis on studies and spelling in kids gets highlighted from a younger age.


High Cost


6. Indian kids start very early to prepare for the competition.

Stepping up on stage in the first grade and giving answers in front of spectators add to their confidence that helps them in going far. While…


7. Taking every victory as a step to achieving the Great American Dream.

For South Asians, winning the Spelling Bee is equivalent to saying that we have mastered your language and now accept us in the mainstream.


8. The desire to master the language of the land where they live.


9. Curbing racist remarks.

A mere 1 per cent of the American population, the Indian-Americans get on the ugly side of racism. Winning something as prestigious as the National Spelling Bee is a way of asking the fellow Americans to accept them.


10. The genetically programmed love for English language.

Indian elites and educated people prefer English language over their own native tongues. That’s a fact!


11. And yes, the genes.

India, the land of learning, is known for its great minds and scriptures. Need we say more!



This article has been written by Clayton Clive. 


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