Indian Air Force Officers Jumped From Aircraft Flying Thousands Of Feet Above The Ground! Watch The Video Here

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1:03 pm 16 Apr, 2018


The Indian Air Force is carrying out ‘Gaganshakti’, its biggest ever war combat exercise on Pakistan and China borders. The exercise began on April 10, 2018, and will conclude on April 23, 2018. The exercise is being carried out to check Indian Air Force’s war-waging capabilities and comprises almost all the assets of the IAF including its fighter squadrons.


Stills from Gagan Shakti. Source



Some of the highlights of the two-week long exercise are the demonstration of the indigenous Light Combat Aircraft Tejas’s flying skills and firing power. The combat exercise will also involve the participation of Navy’s Maritime Combat Aircraft, MiG 29.



The exercise will also involve interoperability operations by the Army and Navy on the western and northern borders of the country. More than 300 officers and 1000 air warriors are taking part in these operations.



Another prominent highlight of the event was a battalion level exercise of the Indian Air Force, in which 560 paratroopers were paradropped from thousands of feet above the ground from Hindon airbase. A video of the same has also gone viral on the internet. You can watch it in the tweet below:



These officers were provided parachutes so that they could easily land on the ground but no one can deny the fact the jumping from such height requires a strong body, mind and heart. The video thus shows the bravery of Indian Air Force officers. The IAF is carrying out this paradropping exercise as a wartime drill and to test its ability to carry out mass causality evacuation in northern part of the country.




Apart from the above, this exercise also has an objective of giving a boost to Make in India campaign and will serve as a major landmark in projects of aircraft development indigenously.