OECD Better Life Index Reveals The Truth. India Wants Life Satisfaction, Pak Wants Education.

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7:40 pm 30 Apr, 2015


What do you want for a better life? Health, satisfaction or money?


The OECD Better Life Initiative has been collecting information on a continuous basis since 2011, and to date has received over 60,000 responses from over 180 countries.

Named as the Better Life Index, the initiative is intended to allow viewers to compare well-being across countries, as reported by the Independent citing Movehub.



The choices were Safety, Housing, Jobs, Income,  Work-Life Balance, Life Satisfaction, Health, Lifestyle, Education, Governance, Community and Environment.


In Europe, the UK, Sweden, Germany, Finland and Poland chose life satisfaction as their top priority, and health was valued most in Russia, Norway, Iceland, France and Austria. In North America people’s top priorities were life satisfaction, health and environment respectively. Meanwhile almost all of South America, including Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Argentina, is most preoccupied with issues regarding education.

As for India, people choose ‘Life Satisfaction’, while our most talked about neighbour picked education.


You may have a look at the entire map:



MAP: What Matters Most to People Around the World

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