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Modi Has Promised 24×7 Power Supply To Every House In India By 2022

Published on 21 September, 2015 at 2:04 pm By

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that his government would ensure that electricity is available at every home in India by the year 2022.


The announcement was made on Friday evening when Modi was addressing rickshaw pullers and their families in his parliamentary constituency of Varanasi.

In his first to Varanasi after a gap of nine months, Modi launched several power and road projects worth Rs.50,000 crore.

In the power sector, Modi launched the Integrated Power Development Scheme (IPDS) which is expected to strengthen India’s power distribution sector and provide India with 24×7 electricity supply by the year 2022.


Talking about the new scheme Modi said:

“In the entire country, about Rs. 45,000 crore will be spent under IPDS. This scheme will address many issues, including fraud, related to the power sector especially in the urban areas.

He pointed out that power supply is available for four to six hours in some remote areas of the country. “It is our target to provide 24X7 power supplies to all by 2022, even in remote areas,” he said.


Modi emphasised upon the need to strengthen power distribution networks in the country.

He then concluded by saying:

“Now I am happy that (the spending of) Rs. 572 crore (under the scheme) will bring new energy to the city.”

Besides IPDS scheme, Modi also launched several power sub-stations.


Power Sector at a glance

Power sector in India as on 15-09-2015. Ministry of Power

He also requested the people of Varanasi to replace old bulbs and switch to energy efficient LED lamps.

He said:

“Kashi street lights will be converted into LED lights. There will be savings to the tune of thousands of crores to the exchequer that will be utilised for cleanliness drive.”

Varanasi also features on the list of 98 cities that would be converted into a ‘smart city’ and the IPDS scheme is one of the many steps that the Modi government has taken to ensure that the ancient city is able to fulfil that dream.



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