India Emerges As The Third Biggest Terror Target After Iraq And Afghanistan

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5:33 pm 23 Jul, 2017


A new US report has concluded that India has become the third biggest terror target after Iraq and Afghanistan.

Displacing Pakistan from the top three list, India witnessed more number of terror attacks in 2016 with higher fatalities and injuries, according to a report compiled by US state department.

Out of the 11,072 terror attacks worldwide, India experienced 927, a number that is 16% more than 2015.

The number of deaths also rose to 337 in 2016 and the number of injured increased to 636. However, Pakistan witnessed a steep decline from 1010 in 2016 to 734 in 2017.



Soldiers respond to terror attack in Kashmir. Indian Express

However, there is a stark difference between terrorism in Pakistan and India. While Pakistan is a victim of terrorist organizations that it has nurtured over the years, India is a victim of terrorist groups that often from the safe havens of Pakistan.

Also, the report labelled Naxals as the third deadliest terror outfit after ISIS and Taliban and before Boko Haram.

The Communists were behind 336 terror attacks last year which killed 174 people and injured 141. More than half of the terror attacks took place in four states — Chattisgarh, J&K, Jharkhand and Manipur. The left-wing extremists were behind most of the attacks in these states.


The Communist terrorists such as Naxals have been listed as third deadliest after ISIS and Taliban. India TV

The data also revealed that J&K witnessed a surge of 93% terror attacks last year while the Indian Home Ministry reported a 54.8% increase only. The US report further state that nearly two-thirds of the terror attacks were carried out by Naxals and that the diversity of perpetrator groups in India was the highest with 52 active terror groups.


The US report also revealed that the total number of terror attacks across the world reduced by 9% as there were fewer attacks in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria, Nigeria and Pakistan.

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