Govt’s ‘Make in India’ Initiative On Fast-Track, Australia Gets Six Metro Train Coaches

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1:00 pm 31 Jan, 2016

Making a huge leap in their ‘Make in India’ initiative, the Modi government has sent out a consignment of six metro coaches built under that programme to Australia from Mumbai port.


Government of India

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The Ministry of Shipping sent out a statement earlier this week announcing the news, it said:

“The maiden consignment of six metro coaches built in Baroda for export to the Australian government were shipped from Mumbai Port.”

Australia has asked for 450 metro coaches, that India plans to  export within the next two-and-a-half years, and the present six coaches that were exported was just the first shipment.



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With regard to sending these coaches from Mumbai, the statement said that “Mumbai Port holds supremacy in handling of over-sized precious cargo,” and thus it was chosen for this job. Mumbai Port

These coaches were  75 feet long and weigh about 46 tonnes each, thus they require a superior and highly specialised loading operation with a high degree of precision and Mumbai Port fulfils these requirements perfectly.

“The entire stevedoring operation (loading into ship) of these prestigious over-sized metro coaches has been done in-house by Mumbai Port Trust unlike any other port in India where private operators carry out such operations.”

Besides exporting ‘Make in India’ Metro coaches to Australia, India would also be exporting cars made under this initiative to Japan.


Economic Times

Economic Times ‘Make in India’ Tableau at Republic Day Parade

The news had first came into highlight last year when PM Modi, while addressing the India-Japan Business Leaders Forum in Delhi, had said that ‘Make in India initiative had become a movement in Japan’ and that the island nation had created a fund of about $12 billion for it.


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