India Ranks Seventh On New World Wealth’s Wealthiest Country List

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5:50 pm 23 Aug, 2016


According to a report in New World Wealth magazine, India is the seventh wealthiest country in the world.

The magazine states that India has a total individual wealth of $5,600 billion which is far ahead of Canada ($4,700 billion), Australia ($4,500 billion) and Italy ($4,400 billion), who featured 8th, 9th, and 10th on the list.


The United States meanwhile has topped the chart with a total individual wealth of $48,900 billion followed by China at second spot with $17,400 billion.

China was closely followed by Japan at 3rd position with a total individual wealth of 15,100 billion.


Other countries making the top 10 list are  United Kingdom  at 4th with $9,200 billion, Germany at 5th with $9,100 billion and France at 6th with $6,600 billion.



Arial shot of Tokyo Japan. Goood Voyage

Arial shot of Tokyo, Japan. Good Voyage

It must be noted that “wealth” in this list refers to net assets of a person which includes their assets less any liabilities.

The study was conducted based world data collected as of June 2016.