Will India, Pakistan’s ‘Spy Blame Game’ Result In Some Serious Repercussions For Both?

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6:12 pm 4 Nov, 2016

According to a report in a Pakistani newspaper, both India and Pakistan may temporarily recall members of their high commission in New Delhi and Islamabad and scale down the size of their diplomatic staff, looking at the latest diplomatic spat and spying episodes between the two countries.


Pak. High Commission in New DelhiIndian Express

Pak. High Commission in New Delhi. Indian Express

On October 29 tension between India and Pakistan had intensified after both alleged each other’s diplomatic staff of spying.

While India expelled Pakistan High Commission’s Mahmood Akhtar after he was caught by the Delhi Police, in a tit-for-tat reaction, Pakistan that same day expelled a member of the Indian High Commission, accusing him of same.


The report further claims that with India implicating six other Pakistani staffers, with help of the statement that the Delhi Police extracted from Akhtar, and with these names getting leaked to the media, the security of these officials has been now been jeopardized and thus prompting Pakistan to withdraw them.

Meanwhile, Pakistan on November 3 claimed that eight officials posted in the Indian high commission, Islamabad are R&AW and IB agents, thus forcing New Delhi to withdraw them as well.


Urdu News Room

Indian High Commission, Islamabad. Urdu News Room

The reports further say that with the names of Pakistan officials leaking out to the media, India has breached an ‘understanding’ between the two countries as both sides know that certain officials do work undercover and that it’s done under the official knowledge of the other.

The leak thus has serious implications for both the side and as an as immediate fallout, officials of the high commission, for the time being, would be recalled.


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