Apex Court Wants Centre And States To Decide If We Should Call Our Country India Or Bharat

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7:50 pm 25 Apr, 2015


Isn’t this a tough decision: To name our nation as “Bharat” or not? So is the dilemma faced by Supreme Court.

On Friday, the Supreme Court  asked for a response from the Centre and states on whether to name India as “Bharat” or not?

The moves comes after a petition filed by Niranjan Bhatwal said that there is no historical evidence that the subcontinent was ever called India, or its people, Indians. “The Mughal rulers never called the subcontinent India. The term ‘India’ was derived during the British rule,” said the petition as quoted by NDTV.


The petition also cites Article 1 of the Constitution, which says: “India, that is Bharat, shall be a Union of States.”


 Interestingly, the subject has come up weeks after the ruling BJP, in a resolution on foreign policy during its conclave in Bengaluru, repeatedly referred to India as “Bharat”.



Well, what do you want countrymen? India or Bharat?