While Players Are Sweating On The Field, Indian Officials Are Frivoling Away On Beaches Of Brazil

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4:10 pm 20 Aug, 2016


From serving peanuts and drinks for dinner to mixing names on Twitter and frivolling away athlete’s money on pleasures of their accompanying mates, Indian politicians and officials are doing enough to embarrass our country and players internationally.

When Union Sports Minister Vijay Goel twitter-shamed himself and the country by posting Dutee Chand’s picture and wishing Srabani Nanda instead:

Or mis-spelling his own players’ name:

Or getting his accreditation almost cancelled thanks to his intrusive, rude and unaccredited entourage in accredited areas of Games:



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When Indian delegates flew from business class, our players had to make it in economy class on a 36-hour flight to Rio:

Ironically, Indian cricket team has never faced such circumstances. Does that point out how cricket will always be the God sport of the nation? Then maybe, the Olympics will reward us with only what we give.



When these delegates meant to ‘encourage’ players attended no events and were found fun frolicking on the beaches:

Anil Vij had led a nine-member team from Haryana spending Rs.1 crore on their travel-stay. Turns out, the trip was meant for everything except ‘encouraging the players’. They’ve not attended a single event and have been exploring the city ever since.


Screen Shot 2016-08-20 at 12.52.49 PM-down

When taking a sportswoman’s physiologist was deemed “wasteful”:




When Indian team officials settled with a radiologist instead of a professional sports medical expert:




When they humiliated Indian players by starving them on I-Day dinner party:

The hockey players were forced to skip dinner at Games Village and were invited for a dinner organized by Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports. Apparently, it turned out to be anything but that. The players had to do with peanuts and drinks for their dinner.





These may appear to be petty issues on the outside, but the truth they reveal is much shameful. The money is being outrightly wasted on frivolous pleasures of officials and at the same time Indian players are deprived of even the basics such as sports equipment, comfortable stay or even a medical expert for that matter. There is immense pressure on the players to get home Gold, but what are we doing to really support them? Not much, it seems.


Source: Quartz India

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