UN Report Names India As World’s Top Exporter Of Information, Communication Tech

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8:34 pm 19 Aug, 2016

According to a report by a UN agency, India has been ranked the world’s top exporter of information and communication technology.

The report said that that this is due to innovation in emerging areas where biology and materials sciences intersect with computing.

It also gave nod to India’s ‘jugaad’ tradition and said that its culture of frugality and sustainability can help it capture global markets.

“For this to happen, however, India’s industries need to have the hunger to be at the top of the value chain, its customers have to be more demanding, its policies have to be more transparent, and its talent pool has to get more hands-on experience while simultaneously growing to leverage the global talent pool,” the report said.


Overall, India leapt 14 places from the 85th rank last year to the 61st in the latest Global Innovation Index (GII) released in Geneva by the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) in partnership with the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) on Monday.


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