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India Becomes Full Member Of Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR)

Updated on 28 June, 2016 at 7:44 pm By

India, on June 27, officially became a full member of the Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR) in the country’s first ever entry into any multilateral export control regime.



The move follows in the heals of India failing to secure NSG membership after it was stiffly opposed by China and few other countries for its entry into the elite club without signing the NTP first.

According to External Affairs Ministry spokesperson Vikas Swarup, the procedure for India’s entry into MTCR started last year itself with all formalities ending on June 27 when Foreign Secretary S Jaishankar signed the legal documents.




vikas swarup (3)

It must be noted that though India failed to get NSG membership, signing of MTCR is equally important.



Foreign Secretary S Jaishankar with ambassadors of France, Netherlands and Luxembourg Twitter

India has been trying to get into export control regimes since they signed the civil nuclear deal with the US.


Former U.S. President George Bush and Form PM Manmohan Singh after signing Civil Nuclear Agreement

George W. Bush and Manmohan Singh after signing Civil Nuclear Agreement in 2006. Wiki Media

Besides NSG and MTCR, the export control regimes that will help India are the Australia Group and the Wassenaar Arrangement, all of which regulate the conventional, nuclear, biological and chemicals weapons and technologies across the world.

In 2015, India had tried to get into MTCR but was opposed by Italy as the latter was not happy with New Delhi’s action with regard to the infamous marines’ dispute.


Italian marines accused of killing Indian Fishermen PTI

File photo of Italian marines accused of killing Indian fishermen. PTI


However, both marines, who were accused of murdering two Indian fishermen in 2012, were allowed to return home earlier this year.The move in turn softened Italy’s opposition towards India.

After signing the MTCR, India would be able to buy high-end missile technology and also enhance its joint ventures with countries like Russia.

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