India’s Openly Gay Prince Manvendra Gohil Reveals Religious Leaders Asked Him For Sex

5:54 pm 22 Sep, 2018


With section 377 of the Indian Penal Code partially scrapped down in a historic ruling by the Supreme Court of India, there are millions who have been positively affected. But, the ruling was particularly powerful and significant for the 52-year-old Prince Manvendra Singh Gohil. Prince Manvendra is the heir to the throne of Rajpipla in western Gujarat state and also India’s openly gay prince. For years, he has worked relentlessly, putting his own dignity at stake, for the invalidation of the 160-year-old British colonial law.

Years back when the Prince declared himself to be a gay, he saw what most of the gay kids have to see. His dad disowned him and his mother asked the state to expel him. Prince Manvendra Gohil was thrown out of the palace and his pictures were burnt in the streets.




Recently, the gay prince has opened up on many important details from his life.



He revealed a very shocking fact about his life and stated that he was often asked by religious gurus to have sex with them.


While addressing a gathering of students of Sardar Patel University’s Department of Social Work, he stated:

“In 2013, all the religious leaders of India had come together against us. I have said this in the United States as well that India has an expertise in creating history. For the first time all religious leaders have come together and united. Why? Because of the hypocrisy against section 377. I am not ashamed in saying that many religious leaders have come to me for having sex.”




He further contended that it is because of the harassment by the police which forced him and many others to move to court.

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