Made By India: PM Modi To Inaugurate Afghan Parliament Building

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7:10 pm 22 Dec, 2015

Few months ago we told you how India helped Afghanistan in reconstructing the Salma Dam in Herat district of Afghanistan, and how India was also helping them build their parliament in Kabul.

Keeping that promise, India has finished the construction of Afghanistan Parliament building in Kabul earlier this week.


The building was supposed to be built by 2011 and had missed three deadlines for completion. It has also crossed India’s estimate of $45 million and has reached a staggering figure of $90 million.


The Hindu

The Hindu

The construction which started back in December 2009, has been done by India’s premier construction agency Central Public Works Department (CPWD).

In the latest review, conducted by India’s Secretary of Urban Development Madhusudan Prasad and the CPWD, it was found that 96 percent of the work was completed and the project team was putting final touches to the building.

A CPWD official has told TOI that it would be fully ready by December 25 2015, when Prime Minister Narendra Modi would be visiting Kabul to inaugurate the building.

Besides helping Afghanistan reconstruct the 300m Salma Dam and help building their parliament, India has also committed to curing 4,000 Afghan kids who have heart disease and has allowed the Afghan Cricket Board to use UP’s Greater Noida Stadium as their home ground.


In total, the Indian government has provided Rs 710 crore aide to Afghanistan for this project.

The constructed building comprises of a Parliament Block, which has two large assembly halls and a dome of 32 meters diameter and 14.5 meters height.

There is also an entrance hall, general purpose wing, a basement and a separate multi-purpose service block in the same building.

The House of People (Wolesi Jirga), besides the normal seating capacity of 256 and future provision of 38 seats, would also be able to host a joint session of both the Houses, and the inner lobby of this block would be able to provide additional space for members of Senate and others.


Afghanistan Express

Afghanistan Express

Provisions have also been made for press gallery and visitors gallery.

The Upper House, called as Meshrano Jirga, will have a seating capacity for 134 seats and consists of superior type wooden flooring, granite and marble in combination, superior type granite flooring, Makrana white marble flooring and carpet flooring.


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