What Happens In India After A Terrorist Attack?

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Updated on 6 Sep, 2017 at 5:19 pm

Keyboard gladiators in action

The self-proclaimed know-it-all guys sitting on the Internet are suddenly everywhere. They ridicule our security measurements, poke fun at the intelligence agencies, talk about the greatness of Israeli and American security forces, and then scurry back to their normal lives before farting on the couch.

keyboard warriors


Secondhand drama of roadside revolutionaries

They are generally aspiring politicians and activists who create noise pollution by jingoistic and downright stupid slogans aside from traffic jams. They are driven by emotion rather than information, and can never reach to a concrete solution even in a multiple light years.



Journalistic lunacy on full display

And then comes the mandarins(?) of news reporting with a single agenda to arouse public’s emotion instead of delivering actual news in a balanced way. A terrorist attack is one of the finest hours where journos can shoot their channel’s TRP up.

media house


A routine warning to Pakistan by the Indian government

Here’s the standard template of conversation whenever terrorists strike India.



The usual condemnation by politicians and celebs

Scan their Twitter and Facebook, and you’ll see how appalled they are. They feel dejected as someone has ass-raped them in full public view and made a video which eventually went viral. Sadly, the whole drama lasts only for a moment. With the slowing down of news, they’re back in political bitching and shabby cinema.



The Arnabs and the great debaters

The loud-mouthed news anchors and the herd of so-called ‘experts’ will discuss and solve the whole case within a timeframe of 30-45 minutes. Trust me, you can listen them hollering in spite of putting your TV set to mute. You can later google why is everyone so dumb on tv. 

news debate


Patriotism galore on social media

15 August, 26 January, and a terrorist attack are the three greatest reminders of exhibiting love for the nation on social media. Saluting the martyrdom of our brave soldiers with likes, shares and comments is a pretty good idea for the digital deshbhakts. Isn’t it? Well, Zuck you!



The return of normalcy

In the disguise of resilience, people bounce back to their daily chores forgetting the pain and grief of victims’ families. Whatever happened, was merely a normal event.


They enthusiastically blab about Bollywood cuntclowns and cricketers, but couldn’t give a shot to topics like national security, citizen responsibility or how to fight the menace of terrorism collectively until…..

…..another attack jolts the nation

It’s not something inevitable, but you can’t deny the likelihood of civilians and security personals dying pointlessly in future. The world knows who is behind the recursive terror attacks in India and it’d be sheer stupidity to preach words of kindness and friendship to someone who simply can’t hear you. For the sake of peace and harmony, you need to make them listen.

Even if it requires utter ruthlessness, let it begin here.

Bhagat Singh once said: The sword of revolution is sharpened on the whetting-stone of ideas.

Do you favour the idea of rebelling against terrorism and its protectors?
It’s your call!