Delhi Saw Tightest Security During Independence Day Celebration To Keep Terror At Bay

5:02 pm 15 Aug, 2018


India’s Independence Day marks our freedom from British rule and it is a proud day for the whole country. The preparation for the day commences days in advance. But the celebrations bring a tone of darkness with them, in the form of terror threats. Naturally, there is a need for drastic security measures around this occasion to ensure the safety of the city, its inhabitants, and the national leaders.

Expectedly, this year the security measures are unprecedentedly sharp. Authorities have scaled up the security in a bid to avoid untoward incidents.




The Central Govt has beefed up security at major transport junctions in the city like the IGI Airport and metro stations. They have inducted 600 members of the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) to help the Delhi Police (DP). Roads leading to many important locations in the city are under barricades. In fact, many roads are reportedly closed to keep up with the security requirements.



As per reports, Delhi metro parking is also remaining closed for security purposes. Here is what a statement by Delhi Metro Rail Corporation said:

“Parking facilities will not be available at Delhi Metro stations from 6 am on August 14 (Tuesday) till 2 pm on August 15 (Wednesday), in view of the security measures adopted on the occasion of Independence Day.”



The Metro authorities have further fortified the surveillance by setting up a new control room at the metro stations. Here is what CISF Deputy Inspector General (DIG) Raghubir Lal reportedly told PTI:

“We have comissioned a new control room, armed with over 5,000 CCTVs and other smart tools, for the CISF and it will help us in better monitoring operations at stations under its surveillance cover.”


Independence Day 3

Members of the all-women SWAT team. Source


The Delhi Police has also inducted India’s first ever all-women Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) team. They were tasked to secure the Red Fort area while PM Modi addressed the nation on Independence Day.



This is not all, other security measures to ensure a smooth progression of the day’s events is also in place. Jatin Narwal, Delhi Police Deputy Commissioner informed media that Red Fort and surrounding area is under CCTV surveillance. This is what he said:

“Coordinated security measures are in place for the Independence day celebrations. Census and verification drives of the residents in the nearby areas have been completed. The whole area is under CCTV coverage.”




This definitely calls for a round of applause for all those who are working so hard to keep the city safe. Happy Independence day, all!

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