17 Incredible Employee Perks That Will Make You Want To Work In These Companies

11:02 am 29 May, 2018


Is there anyone out there who doesn’t like to work in a company that offers handsome benefits and perks to its employees? Yes, we all hope and expect to get basic job perks and benefits such as travel allowance, health insurance, paid leave, etc. from the company we are working in. But do you know that there are companies out there in the world that truly go above and beyond all that we talked about in the above lines for their employees? Do you know that there are companies offering perks such as money to travel the world, insurance for pets, valet parking, etc.?

Well, the following employee perks and benefits will blow your mind and make you want to leave your present company immediately to go and work in those companies.


1. Netflix: Full year paid maternity and paternity leave

Netflix has one of the most generous family leave policies in the US. It offers one year of paid maternity and paternity leave to new parents. Not just this, the company also allows parents to return part-time or full-time and take time off as needed throughout the year.


2. Airbnb: Yearly travel stipend

Airbnb gives its employees an annual stipend of $2,000 to travel and stay in an Airbnb listing anywhere in the world. Imagine your job paying you to travel.


3. Google: Death benefits and free food

Google provides the surviving spouse or partner of a deceased employee 50% of their salary for the next 10 years. It is said that the company also provides free food to its employees.


4. Facebook: Valet parking and ‘Baby Cash’

Facebook reportedly offers valet parking for employees at its Menlo Park headquarters along with a free charging station for electric cars. The social media giant also provides $4,000 as “Baby Cash” to employees with a newborn.


5. Tesla: Loans cars to employees

According to reports, Tesla has a carpool program that allows employees to drive a Tesla to work and even keep it on weekends. Not just that, every employee is granted stock, including staffers on the factory floors.


6. Spotify: Egg freezing

Spotify offers six months of paid parental leave, plus one month of flexible work options for parents returning to the work. The company also covers costs for egg freezing and fertility assistance.


7. Walt Disney: Free park admission

Walt Disney offers its employees (and their friends and families) free admission to their parks, as well as discounts on hotels and merchandise.


8. Asana: Life and career coaching sessions

Employees of Asana have access to executive and life coaching services outside the company.



9. Twitter: On-site acupuncture and improv classes

Twitter is well-known for certain benefits including three catered meals a day and laundry and dry cleaning services. But it also provides lesser-known benefits such as on-site acupuncture and improv classes.


10. In-N-Out: Free burger and fries every shift

Employees of the popular West Coast chain are entitled to a free Double-Double burger and fries during each shift. In-N-Out came in fourth place on Glassdoor’s list of the best places to work in 2018.


11. Genentech: On-site haircuts, spa treatments, and car washes

This San Francisco biotechnology company encourages employees to get haircuts, spa treatments, and even car washes at work, according to the company’s website. This is apart from medical and dental benefits.


12. Evernote: Team-building courses

Evernote hosts classes through “Evernote Academy,” which offers team-building courses like macaroon baking.


13. Eventbrite: Monthly wellness stipend for juice cleanses or gym memberships

Eventbrite offers employees a $60 monthly stipend to spend on everything from gym dues to juice cleanses. The company also offers catered lunches.


14. Scripps Health: Pet health insurance

The non-profit health care system cares about its employees’ pets as much as the employees themselves. It gives its employees the option of getting pet insurance.


15. Goldman Sachs: Gender reassignment surgery

The bank started offering this benefit in 2008. It is said that this benefit package covers sex reassignment surgery, a procedure that according to a CNN estimate can potentially cost more than $100,000.


16. Twillo: Kindle plus $30 a month to buy books

This one is for the avid readers out there. Cloud-communications platform Twilio offers employees a Kindle plus $30 a month to purchase books.


17. Burton: Ski passes and snow days

For the snow bunnies. Employees of this snowboard company receive season ski passes and “snow days” off after a big snowfall to go make the most of the ice-powder.