If You Thought That Private Web Browsing Means No One Is Watching Then Read This

2:50 pm 3 May, 2018


We all use our web browser on private mode at some point for secret purposes like searching for jobs while at work or in most common cases looking at some porn.

Chrome’s Incognito Mode is the most widely used private browser to Google hidden content. But are you even remotely sure if these ‘private’ modes of searching on the World Wide Web are completely secure?




Here’s the reality check:

These ‘private’ modes of browsing cannot provide a security of the online history from the Internet service providers and/or the government agencies who keep a constant track on your activity or finding your geographical location. What else? These browsers cannot protect your computer from the viruses and malware that can easily infect the system since these modes are designed just to stop cookies and details from being automatically saved to the system.

Opening an incognito browser in either one of the browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Apple Safari or Internet Explorer only ensures that your online activity is not saved in your browsing history. But unfortunately, the ‘private’ browsing history is being monitored by the ISP through every web search or web page.



According to one of Google Chrome’s developers, Google has taken necessary measure to ensure that people are aware of this issue of Incognito Mode. There is a disclaimer that appears when the user launches the private browsing mode which makes it clear to the user that the browsing activity is clearly visible to website that the user visit and to the Internet Service Provider as well.

Even if the user is responsible for knowing about the disclaimer, there is a need for better clarification from the various Web browsers about the lack of security with the private browsing data.



Like Google, even Mozilla Firefox uses almost a similar disclaimer on its private browsing mode. But yet again, even if the computer won’t record your browsing history, your employer or Internet Service Provider can still track the websites you visit.

Furthermore, there is a thing called ‘Super Cookies’ used by most of the porn websites, that is able to keep a track of your movements across the WWW even when you are browsing in ‘private’ mode.



Therefore, considering the reality, it will be quite unwise to still think that web surfing in Incognito Mode is ‘private’ or ‘anonymous’.

Here is a tip for safe private web surfing – Use VPN (Virtual Private Network) for better anonymous web usage and definitely don’t be under the impression that Incognito web browsing is private and safe.




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