Know About Inclov, India’s First Matchmaking App Exclusively For Disabled People!

11:53 am 20 Jul, 2018


In India, people with disabilities are often invisible in day-to-day life, despite numbering tens of millions. Inclov, an app that seeks to target those people, helps in giving them the opportunities to socialise. India’s first matchmaking app especially for the physically or mentally-challenged, or even those with dwarfism, is first of a kind. Launched in January 21, 2018, Inclov is changing the dating scene for India’s disabled people.

Health disorders make disabled people difficult to adjust in social life, let alone find a suitable match. But, this initiative by a Mumbai-based couple has finally given them a ray of hope.



In the world of online dating apps such as Tinder, disability and matchmaking have finally merged together, thanks to Kalyani and Shankar.



Inclov is the brainchild of these two Mumbai graduates. The app is currently downloadable on Google play store.



This new app on the block – Inclov, stands for Inclusive Love. It promises to create a unique and safe haven place for disabled to fall and find love.



The co-founder, 23-year old Kalyani Khona, was disheartened seeing the plight of people with disabilities in finding companions. She therefore started it as an agency, before taking Inclov online.



Started as “social spaces”, Inclov went viral on social media, attracting a number of people without any disabilities on its platform.




Kalyani was later joined by fellow entrepreneur Shankar Srinivasan, and this new dating platform was giving more crowdfunding within a month of launch.

How this app works:

Apart from disabled people, this app is also designed for divorcees, widows, widowers, etc, to register as well. Like other apps, Inclov requires your name, contact information, and pictures. Things such as degree of their disability, special needs and any health disorder can be mentioned by the user.



Who all can benefit from this app?

Like other dating apps, Inclov also allows users to search, view profiles, send requests, set preferences and connect. In India itself, out of a population of eight crore disabled people, only 5% get married.



The cons of this exclusive app:

India’s first matchmaking app assures registered people to actually interact with each other, according to their suitability. Even though it’s a limited platform, it still gives a chance for appearance. After all, every person, irrespective of their disorders, deserves a chance. This platform is safe and efficient since its launch.



Sometimes, all one needs is a chance to fall in love and Inclov does just that.