Dispose Of These Items In Your Mandir Room, Before They Bring Bad Luck!

1:00 pm 7 Nov, 2018


Like every other religion, Hindus take their beliefs very seriously. Worshipping an idol or a physical object is like meeting God to them. A temple or a puja room in an Indian household is equal to an actual embodiment of God! While faith in God restores positivity and encourages us to overcome obstacles, Indians almost depend on their religious habits for everything in their life. However, there are some inauspicious puja items which you should stay away from!

Yes, you read it damn right! Some inauspicious puja items will do more harm than goodPeople are often unaware of these items! Without debating if they are superstitious or not, here are the items that are often considered inauspicious.



Three idols of Lord Ganesha isn’t suggested!


If you go by Hindu scriptures, keeping three idols or portraits or Lord Ganesha in a mandir is not happening! Reason? It’s said that it invites inauspiciousness and therefore unhappiness inside homes.

Solution: Buy only as many as recommended!



Two shivlings is a big no!


It’s simple – if you can’t worship a shivling regularly, don’t even keep one, let alone two! It is becuse People fail to bath and do puja to the shivling regularly which invites Lord Shiva’s wrath – we don’t want that right?

Solution: Shivlings are best only in temples!


Three idols of the same Goddesses is not happening!


Love keeping the divine trinity of Goddess- Durga, Laxmi, and Saraswati? Avoid doing so if its the same god (especially Durga). It is said that keeping three idols of the same Goddess brings upheaval to your household. Your wealth and prosperity can suffer.

Solution: Check your placements and get rid of inauspicious puja items asap!


Portrait rules for Lord Krishna and Radha


Never (ever) keep idols or portraits of Lord Krishna with Radha and Rukmini (or Meera); and Ganesha with his two wives if you want marital bliss. Doing so creates discord and disharmony in marital life.

Solution: Place idols after checking with their wives first!


Never keep prayer flowers near idols!



After offering fresh flowers during puja, don’t leave them around the idol’s neck or in a plate in front of them. These dry or decayed flowers are considered inauspicious.
Solution: Discard the prayer flowers in a garden or plants.


No mandir inside or opposite the main kitchen!


The most common sight in Indian households is a dustbin inside the main kitchen. This is a strict no-zone for placing a temple. The kitchen releases smoke during cooking which shouldn’t reach the temple.

Solution: Place dustbins outside kitchen if mandir is a must!


Never keep a dead Tulsi plant at home!



When the plant (Tulsi) dries (in extreme winters), immediately immerse it in a holy river or a pond nearby.  A dead plant is believed to bring bad luck.

Solution: Discard dead Tulsi and buy a new one.


Never keep torn or broken idols of gods at home


If an idol is broken, the worshippers’ mind will be distracted forever – hence the desired results won’t yield. Throw these inauspicious puja items immediately!  Worshipping broken idols is prohibited in Hindu scriptures.

Solution: Get rid of any broken idol immediately!


Never keep a temple inside the bedroom of a couple!



You guessed it right! You possibly can’t get intimate with your favorite gods staring down at your naked bodies right? No religious place has ever witnessed PDA in any form inside its premises!

Solution: Choose a sensible separate room (East facing would be ideal) for worship.