This Rare Disease Makes Women Constantly Crave For Sex!

6:13 pm 26 Oct, 2018


Let’s talk about sex and orgasm, the subject which is otherwise a taboo to talk about. According to a few, it is something only for the pleasure of both men and women. But what if instead of the pleasure, sex becomes a necessity? The orgasm becomes associated with relief from pain rather than an enjoyable experience? Yes, if a woman is diagnosed with Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder (PGAD), she will face unrelenting and spontaneous genital arousal. In simple terms, she asks for more and more sex. In this disease, the person’s arousal is not linked to sexual desire.

PGAD can lead to ongoing physical pain, stress, psychological difficulties and inability to carry out everyday tasks. The condition can affect women of all ages. They experience the unending desire to have sex which has the potential to kill the patient. Experts have not clinically confirmed PGAD, as patients do not come forward to ask for medical help because of shame and embarrassment.




A woman affected with PGAD goes through a series of ongoing and uncomfortable sensations in and around the genital tissues, including the clitoris, labia, vagina, and anus, like wetness, itching, pressure, and burning. Even if you are sitting quietly in a room, suddenly you can feel the craving to have sex.



This can lead the person with PGAD to feel like they are about to experience orgasm, or they may experience waves of spontaneous orgasms. However, it happens in the absence of sexual desire.



Climaxing may temporarily result in satisfaction, but the urge may return suddenly within a few hours. You may feel intensely aroused several times a day for weeks, months, or even years.



The condition can lead to psychological symptoms in the form of anxiety, panic attacks, depression, distress, frustration, guilt, and insomnia. People with chronic, or incurable, persistent genital arousal disorder may eventually lose their notion of sexual pleasure.




Though not clinically proven, PGAD can lead to an awful experience for women. This is a serious and life-threatening condition. We need to know more about it to understand it better.

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