Imtiaz Ali’s Short Film ‘Bruno & Juliet’ Captures The Beautiful And Painful Emotions Of Two Dogs In Love

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7:54 pm 3 Jul, 2017


A man is the most dangerous animal. Dangerous because he devalues the most beautiful thing on earth i.e Love.

This sad truth forms the crux of Imtiaz Ali’s romantic film, ‘Bruno and Juliet’. We know that Imtiaz Ali is an unusual director, who depicts love in an unconventional way. The love that is there, but yet unseen.

This time, his tale is not about two people, but about two dogs, Bruno and Juliet. They fell in love at first sight, but in this cruel world, love is never accepted with open arms.


Wondering who is the villain in this film? Expectedly, humans.


But they say, love always wins in the end. Both Bruno and Juliet fought for themselves and didn’t give up. Love prevailed.

Though this story is a work of fiction, it somewhere speaks the bitter truth. In such intolerant times, we are already bashing humans, so, it is better we let at least animals live and love.

Watch how Bruno and Juliet won against an animal called man. 


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