Imran Khan Alleges Bollywood A-Listers Of Casting Couch!

1:00 pm 12 Oct, 2018


As a movie buff, I am always intrigued by the fact that this profession is so creative and open for women. But the harsh slaps of sexual harassment allegations is making me question my belief. If you worship any Bollywood actor or star, then you must read what Imran Khan said on sexual harassment. Since Tanushree Dutta accused Nana Patekar of sexual harassment, the layers of the hidden secrets are getting peeled off.

Recently, Jane Tu Ya Jane Na actor Imran Khan said something which has shaken the roots of Bollywood. He said that several Bollywood A-list actors directly ask women to sleep with them and the ladies will get the role only if they say a yes to their demands, and a no would mean they’re not selected for the movie. And it is something which is happening from the start.




Talking to a magazine, he said:

“There is a very very very clear quid pro quo with a lot of A-listers. Are you going to sleep with me? If yes you get the role, if no you don’t. It is literally that straightforward. Which of these actresses will sleep with me they will get the role”.



Imran Khan is the first Bollywood actor who has come out and revealed such kind of a dark reality. If it has any amount of truth, then it is a big question on the so-called women-friendly work environment. What kind of message is it giving to the young girls dreaming to enter the entertainment industry?




When asked if the A-listers names will ever come out, Imran said:

 “I believe it will not. No. The names are too big and too prevalent and it is way big and woven into the fabric of the industry. My opinion is for that a lot of names will come out and a lot of people will bear the brunt of it but I don’t think it will affect things at the higher up level. At this point all the names that are out, the big names are Tanmay Bhat and Alok Nath so this is the level we are at right now.”


Recently, the Sanskari Babuji was accused by Producer-writer Vinta Nanda of rape, and by many other actresses of sexual harassment.



Imran Khan has also thrown light on the other big problem that whoever speaks out against the sexual harassment, they will be attacked or will be marginalized. But he assured that will stand by the actresses if they reveal the big harassers’ names!




Imran Khan has always been open about things and says as they are. But even after this hint, will anything come out of it? What do you think?

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