Imtiaz Ali’s Short Film Will Change The Way You See Sex Workers Forever

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3:08 pm 6 Apr, 2016


Imtiaz Ali has always engrossed us with his distinctiveness and takes us to places yet to be uncovered. In his new short film, ‘India Tomorrow’, he focuses on the undiscovered life of sex workers.

He beautifully highlights the unaccepted fact that a sex worker is much more than just a sex object. An igniting soul resides in her, which is connected to the outer world. Her knowledge is not limited to that 6 x 4 feet room where she suffers to survive.

The story begins when her customer receives a call from his friend, who tells him that the stock market has crashed and he is bankrupt.

India Tomorrow - A short film by Imtiaz Ali 2


Then the customer and sex worker engage in a gripping conversation, which makes him take a strange decision.


India Tomorrow - A short film by Imtiaz Ali 1


What did the sex-worker advise her customer?

To understand the parallel world of a sex worker, watch the video below:


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