Imam Tawhidi’s FB Video, Claiming That Non-Halal Certified Food Is Equally Good, Removed Within Minutes Of Posting

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4:45 pm 19 Jul, 2017


Mohammad Tawhidi, an outspoken Imam from Australia, posted a video in which he is buying and eating non-Halal certified chocolates after a number of companies in Australia have stopped paying the Halal fees to get the certification, but, minutes after the video was uploaded, it was removed by Facebook.

We are sharing some of the screenshots of his video here.

Imam Tawhidi eating a non-Halal certified chocolate. Imam Tawhidi/Facebook


Imam Tawhidi is an Imam who campaigns against Sharia Law and radicalism. He has condemned religious violence, extremism and terrorism publicly which is not taken positively by most hardline Muslims.


Imam Tawhidi, who opines that there is no difference between eating Halal certified or non-certified food, took the matter to Facebook and posted the video.

Daily Mail Online quotes Imam Tawhidi saying,

It tastes better when there’s no Halal stamp. Because I can still eat it without offending anyone or forcing people to pay for my Halal logo. This is the Australian way of life and I’m proud of it.

The Imam asserted that he would consume non-Halal certified chocolates in front of a camera to prove his point. He picked up a Cherry-Ripe chocolate bar and said,

No Halal certification here, none of that nonsense here. Alright let’s go buy them and I’ll eat them in front of you. Cherry Ripe, no Halal certification on it but I can still eat it… delicious.

A non-Halal certified chocolate Imam Tawhidi/ Facebook


Halal is an Arabic word which means “permissible” and refers to food items which are permitted under Sharia Law. There are certain Halal accreditation agencies in Australia that are permitted to certify products as ‘Halal Certified’. These agencies charge a fee for certifying the foods which results in an increase in price of such products.

A Halal certified chocolate Imam Tawhidi/ Facebook


In 2014, there were widespread protests by anti Halal Certification groups against Australian companies to discourage them from getting their food certified as being Halal. The arguments behind these protests were that the consumers have to pay a higher price for certified food and that the fee charged by Halal accreditation agencies is used to fund terrorist activities. Since then, a number of companies in Australia such as Nestle, Kellogg’s and Sanitarium have ceased paying for Halal certification.

Now, Imam Tawhidi has come out in support of such companies who have stopped paying for Halal certification and says that Australians and Australian companies should not have to cater to Islamic customs. He further says,

I don’t need to force people to abide by my Islamic terminologies and my way of life. Because you’re not annoying anyone and you’re not bothering anyone either. So what’s this conversation all about, why do we have to annoy people. Enjoy your chocolate and live a happy life.

Moments after Imam Tawhidi posted the video, it was removed by Facebook. He shared the removal of his video with his followers saying “Facebook supports Halal certification”.

A screenshot of his post saying that his video was removed by Facebook Imam Tawhidi/ Facebook


He even took to Twitter and raised his voice against Halal and Sharia Law. Have a look at his tweets below: