22 Imaginary But Annoying Computer Viruses We Pray Never Become Reality

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3:09 pm 23 Nov, 2016

Computer viruses are annoying. There are all sorts of viruses out there. There is every possibility that the most impossible virus that you can imagine and firmly believe that it cannot be created is perhaps out there. And if not, there is always a chance that you might encounter it in the future.

Recently, a redditor asked people if they could create the most annoying computer virus known to man, what would the virus do. The question generated more than 1500 responses. The community came together with their imagination which created a storm of virus ideas which were both annoying and hilarious.

The following is a list of 22 imaginary but annoying computer viruses crafted from this thread.


1. Posts all of your Google searches as your Facebook status.


2. Asks “Are you sure you wish to continue” on everything the user clicks?


3. Want to copy and paste? Here: watch this 30 second ad.


4. Anytime you have to agree to the terms and conditions on anything, you actually have to read the terms and conditions.

Followed by a 50 question test. If you score lower than 95% you may not continue.


5. Once every 10 minutes it minimizes whatever you’re doing.

Just annoying enough that you won’t throw your computer against the wall, and just long enough that you’ll forget about it by the time the 10 minutes pass.


6. When you use the scroll wheel on your mouse, it doesn’t work for like 3 seconds, then when it does work again, it scrolls way too far down because you did like 6 scrolls already.

So you go to scroll back up, and it does the same thing. Repeat.


7. Randomly, one out of every fifty mouse clicks will pull up the Westboro Baptist Church website.


8. It randomly puts some hardcore porn on the screen, whilst freezing your computer.


9. 25% of the time you want to click on something, a pop up comes up.

Not just any pop up. The pop up that scrolls the page down automatically.


10. Your mouse pointer is slightly offset from your actual mouse position, but in a random direction so you never know what it’s gonna click on.


11. Slows down and speeds up your mouse sensitivity every 5 seconds.


12. It replies “Tell me more please” to every spam email and sends along your phone number for convenience.


13. Every time you mistype, the computer screams in pain.


14. All videos will be half a second out of sync with their sound.


15. All search engine entries redirect you to Yahoo search engine results.


16. Shares the last porn video you watched to Facebook but doesn’t alert you.

You just find the most depraved video you ended up at, the next time you log in.


17. Opens Internet Explorer instead of Google Chrome and Firefox.


18. Redirects you away from porn.


19. All links you click on take you to random sites and copy/paste doesn’t work.

Better type out those specific links by hand!


20. Every time you click on something, the computer restarts. How much can you do with just a keyboard?


21. It plays Salt N Peppers ‘Let’s talk about sex’ every time you open incognito mode in chrome.


22. Puts a picture of your mother’s face looking sternly at you in the upper right hand corner when you look at porn.



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