5 Images Of Japan’s Holy Deities Who Closely Resemble Our Bhagwans

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1:32 pm 26 Oct, 2015

In spite of having numerous differences in political condition, economy, population, etc., studies says Japan and India show ancient connection through culture. People in Japan worship many Indian gods, which include Ganesha, Bhrahma, Saraswati and Lakshmi; they also worship those which have been practically forgotten in India, such as Varun, Vayu, Indra, Yama and Garuda. These Japanese pictures will remind you of Indian deities.


1. Bodhisena Statue, Ryosenji Nara



2. Garuda or Karura, Daiyuzan-Saijoji, near Odawara



3. Saraswati or Benzaiten, Yoshiwara Jinja, Tokyo



4.Agni or Katen, Screen Painting, Daigoji, Shiga Prefecture



5. Ganesha or Shoten, Unryun, Sennyuji, Kyoto


Credit: dailyburps

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