Do You Know How Much Salary The IMA Gentleman Cadets Get During The Training?

10:00 am 23 Apr, 2018


The Indian Military Academy (IMA) is one of the oldest training academies in India whose job is to train and mould young men who go on to become officers in the Indian Army. They are the ones who by their sheer leadership qualities and persona lead from the front and take their men into battles. It remains a distant dream for thousands of defense aspirants to become a part of this highly revered institution as only a few get selected each year based on their performance in written and interview tests. 


The Government of India takes good care of the cadets undergoing training in the academy.

It spends a lot of money on their training so that they can be provided with all the world-class facilities. They are also taught by highly-qualified instructors who have a vast experience in their fields. Although the curriculum mainly involves physical training, drills, weapons training, and leadership development, the cadets also get to participate in a lot of activities ranging from photography, painting, seminars, tours and all kinds of sports be it indoor or outdoor.



All these things help create an environment in which the Gentleman Cadets (GCs) get to develop an all-round personality that makes them a class apart.


Apart from all these facilities, they even get a handsome monthly stipend to meet out their personal expenses during the training.

As per the 7th pay commission, the stipend has been increased and they will now be getting Rs. 56,100 per month for the entire training period at the IMA. It is applicable to all the cadets irrespective of the type of entry.



The cadets, who go through such harsh training before being commissioned, deserve every bit of it.

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