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Ileana’s Sizzling Photographs Show The Perks Of Having A Photographer Boyfriend

Published on 6 July, 2016 at 3:00 pm By

Ileana D’Cruz is on a chilled out vacation with her boyfriend, Andrew Kneebone, in Fiji. Do notice that this lucky girl’s boyfriend is a photographer!



Do I need to say more? Her photographs say a lot.


Isn’t she looking like a dream? Well, whether you agree or not, almost every girl wants her bae to be an amazing photographer.


Or at least someone with a good knowledge of camera angles, or a passion for photography!



Well, I am not as lucky as her. Mine doesn’t even know how to hold a camera and Ileana’s photographs are making me so jealous!


This freeze from their private moment is beautiful. Hope you are feeling inspired enough to motivate you bae for photography.

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