This Hot Bollywood Actress Has Changed So Much That No One Could Recognise Her Recently

2:27 pm 20 Oct, 2018


Imagine you are out in the local market and found a celebrity! Can’t imagine, right? Stars do not get spotted easily and they definitely don’t come to buy vegetables from the local market themselves. But what if I tell you that it happened.

Bollywood actress Ileana D’Cruz is the hot favourite of many. Imagine her buying vegetables like you do every week, and nobody recognizing her! Tough to imagine, right? But pictures of the gorgeous actress buying veggies from a roadside vendor show that not only she was buying vegetables like a common person, but she was not even recognized by passers-by.




Last seen in Raid, Ileana will be back in Amar Akbar Anthony, a Telugu film in which she will be seen opposite Ravi Teja.



Recently, Bollywood actress Ileana Dcruz was out in Bandra and spotted buying vegetables! In the pictures, you can see Ileana checking the vegetables for their freshness. It seems she came straight from her workout session.



Changed to a great extent, she was not recognizable!




As many of her fans don’t know, Ileana suffers from body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) in which there are persistent preoccupations with a slight defect in one’s appearance. She has been trolled as well for her body type before. But she has come out strong against everything.