IKEA Hyderabad Turns Veg Biryani Into ‘Non-veg’ After A Worm Is Found In Food, And Twitterati Are Furious

12:14 pm 3 Sep, 2018


Popular Swedish furniture retailer, IKEA opened its doors to India on August 9 with one of the biggest launch events in Hyderabad. From kitchenware to bathroom toiletries, IKEA is here to cater to the needs of the Indian consumers by offering them low priced goods and services. Apparently, the Swedish retailer had to make plans to do things differently while dealing with higher taxes on imported goods in the country. However, it seems like things are not going good for the world’s largest furniture retailer.

While it has been less than a month after the first flagship store of IKEA opened in India, it is gaining the headlines for all the wrong reasons. According to media reports, a customer visited the restaurant in its Hyderabad store recently and he was not happy with the food there.



Incidentally, the customer named Abeed Mohammad filed a complaint against the Swedish brand claiming that he found a worm in the vegetarian biryani that he ordered. Taking his complaint on the social media, the customer raised the issue with his food on Twitter, alerting the Food Safety Officer at Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC).

After the customer raised his complaint on Twitter, the GHMC authorities issued a notice to the IKEA restaurant manager and also to Haldirams in Nagpur, the vendors from which the multinational retailer procures food items.



Have a read at the tweet of the customer complaining about the food at IKEA store in Hyderabad:




Evidently, the issue gained a momentum on the social media and the netizens have posted some hate comments against the Swedish store on their Twitter accounts. They have brutally trolled the store with their raging reactions. Take a read at some of the hate comments:






Guess so!






So sad!










Indeed we did not!





Amidst the hate comments, few social media users had some other worries about the ‘veg biryani’ being served at the IKEA store apparently:







Priorities are sorted!


Well, after the complaint was raised, the GHMC has levied a fine of Rs 11,500 on the firm and have collected other food samples for bacteriological analysis from its restaurant.




IKEA spokesperson apologized for the incident as he said:


“We regret the incident and apologize to our customer for the unfortunate experience. We would like to assure him and everyone else that we are investigating the matter currently to assess what happened and take immediate corrective action. At IKEA, we have the strictest guidelines when it comes to food safety and quality as customer health and safety are something we care about deeply.”


Have a read at their tweet:



Sadly, it was also reported during the inspection that the store was not adhering to waste management regulations as well. It seems like it is going to be a tough time ahead for the international furniture retail store!