Four IIT Students Leave Lucrative Offers Abroad For Local Jobs

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12:50 pm 7 Dec, 2015


Four IIT-Delhi students have rejected overseas jobs which would have paid them an estimated over Rs 1 crore yearly, and have chosen local jobs with a lower pay instead, according to people associated with the placement cell.

That’s 50 per cent of the total eight international offers in the crore-plus range, they said.


International companies that are regular to IITs for placements include Google, Visa, Oracle and Microsoft and these four students are said to have rejected their offers for a fifth of what they would have gotten overseas.

According to a report in Live Mint, IT, financial firms have dominated the first week of placements, along with some large start-ups.

The Mint report also says that the number of start-ups hiring from these institutes has almost doubled over last year.


IIT Delhi declined to provide details of the number of job offers received so far.

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