JNU A Safe Haven For ‘Anti-Nationals’, IIT-Mumbai Faculty Write To President

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8:18 pm 28 Feb, 2016

A group of 60 faculty members of IIT-Mumbai have written to President Pranab Mukherjee urging him to tell young, impressionable minds “not to indulge in or become victims of the ideological warfare” as is being witnessed at institutions such as JNU.


Protesting the transformation of educational institutions into ideological battlegrounds, the faculty members, led by Professor K. Ramasubramanian of Dept. of Humanities and Social Sciences, wrote that “certain groups” are influencing the minds of students to “create an environment of abuse and acrimony”.

In their petition, a copy of which is with TopYaps News, the faculty alleges that JNU and some other institutions of the country have become “safe havens” for anti-national activities.


Protestors JNU

Students from other Universities extending their support to JNU students who supported Afzal Guru. Manorama

Under the garb of frees speech or freedom of expression, students – who are otherwise brilliant – are engaging in activities that not only vitiate the academic atmosphere but also defile India’s reputation as the world’s largest democracy, the petition reads.


ABP News

A photo of the poster at JNU calling for a solidarity programme for Afzal Guru. ABP News

“The sloganeering at JNU was definitely not limited to expressing differences with the administration or Government of India. The voices clearly demanded the secession of the State of Jammu and Kashmir, which is an integral part of India,” the petition states.

The faculty has condemned those who raised slogans in support of convicted terrorist Afzal Guru and called his punishment a “Judicial Killing”.

In its appeal to the President, the faculty has pointed out that it is promotion of scholarship that will help take the nation forward.

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