IIT-Madras Bans Dalit Students’ Body Because It Criticised Narendra Modi’s Policies

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Updated on 31 May, 2015 at 1:23 pm


No one in India is above the Prime Minister or, may I say, Narendra Modi. If you criticise him, his policies or his government, you risk earning the wrath of the GOI like this under fire students’ body.

In a condemnable move, the IIT-Madras administration derecognised the Ambedkar Periyar Study Circle (APSC), an association of Dalit students, for “spreading hatred” against Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Hindus.


DNA reports that the decision to ban the students’ association was taken after the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD)​ made an inquiry regarding an anonymous complaint against the APSC.





The complainant had enclosed a speech by Dravidian University professor R.V. Gopal in which he had criticised the NDA government for favouring big business houses.

The allegations include distribution of controversial pamphlets on the IIT campus and spreading hatred among students.

The IIT-M administration was quick to ban the association without seeking any response to the allegations from the students’ association and said:

“We are not against students’ expression of freedom, but expect them to adhere to certain guidelines. As per the guidelines in force, the student bodies are not allowed to use the institute’s name (IIT Madras) or any of its official entities in any capacity to publicize their activities or garner support, without official approval.”


In an email response, published on Scroll, the APSC highlighted the absurdity of the allegations.

The complainant alleged that the association was critical of the government, the PM’s policies, the beef ban, and was involved in activities that created hatred between SC/STs and ‘Hindus’.


It is shocking that in a democratic country such as ours, a students’ association is banned for mere criticism of the government.


And is it not surprising that the GOI chooses to give so much of importance to an anonymous complaint? Criticising the government, its policies and the Prime Minister are rights guaranteed under our Constitution. It appears those in the government and the IIT administration have forgotten this simple fact.



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